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The Cory Alan Marketing Blog
The Cory Alan Marketing Blog

Here to help!Welcome to CoryAlan.com, a comprehensive guide that will navigate you through the useful information compiled about Internet Marketing. My goal is that you will discover CoryAlan.com to be a dynamic site that you will want to visit often for the latest Internet Marketing trends, techniques and tools.

If you think that Internet Marketing may be for you and you’re just starting out, CoryAlan.com is a great place to get an overview of the different marketing avenues and strategies the Internet has to offer as well as my personal support. I will direct you to the tools and training needed to attract positive results, encourage you to be consistent, and witness you master Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing is a wonderful thing. Think of it as a level playing field that doesn’t require a Harvard or Yale degree, or care if you never made it through community college.  It doesn’t matter if you are privileged and well connected or if you are isolated in a small farm community hard to find even with a GPS.  The Internet is a rare place offering equality for all whom choose to engage.

Internet Marketing is very powerful enabling you to tap into the now estimated 220 million Internet users in the United States; and this number only represents a percentage of the total 1.7 billion users worldwide.

One of the features making the Internet so popular and powerful is the vast amount of information and opportunities available to everyone. While this resource is amazing, it can also be frustrating trying to sort through the endless trails of hype, discerning fact from fiction and at the same time trying to absorb what’s important to you.

When entering the world of Internet Marketing you will need focus and purpose along with helpful direction that will show you how to take advantage of all that Internet Marketing has to offer without drowning in a sea of misleading information. Be alert when choosing someone to follow. Many will offer you their “secret” or “the missing link” to achieving success.  Some will even go so far as to claim inevitable doom and failure if you don’t know their “secret.”

Here’s the reality. All you really need to achieve success along with focus and purpose is a reliable source providing good advice, accurate information and clear direction from someone who has successfully charted and traveled this path before.  This is my goal, that CoryAlan.com becomes your reliable source and trusted guide.

Keep in mind that while millions of people are seeking and searching on the Internet you only need to attract a very small percentage of the pool to experience high-levels of success. Stay focused. Target your efforts and as you continue to grow, define your niche, and provide more value to more people, your level of success will increase.

Like anything worthwhile in life, this site is a work in progress.  It can never really be “complete” because new information is constantly being added.  There will always be more to learn, practice and to share creating fresh and exciting opportunities to discover and utilize.

While exploring CoryAlan.com you will find valuable resources including the tools I’ve listed below:

Glossary defines the “language of the Internet” as it relates to Marketing.  Also to be used as a checklist for tools, strategies, and venues to use in your own personal campaigns.

Complete Marketing System hailed by many as one of the best available encompassing the necessary basics to be fully effective while remaining tailor-made.  The training and support is user-friendly and individualized to specific areas of interest.  I personally use this system as my marketing “backbone” and continue to be impressed by the number of very successful Internet Marketers that do the same.

Articles regularly posted on my blog from top marketers that I have found to be very useful. Updates and reviews of efficient and effective products, strategies, tools, and resources that I use.

Training specific to the strategies that interest you including outlining a simple blueprint to make them more effective.

Recommendations and Resources that I have found invaluable for implementing marketing campaigns.  Books, CD’s, DVD’s, and software programs that maximize effectiveness whether your interested in Internet Marketing, Personal Development, or Network Marketing.  These resources have supported my personal and professional development and continue to motivate and inspire me.

My hope is that after you have spent time on my site, you will have the information you need to decide whether Internet Marketing is right for you.

If you’re already familiar with Internet Marketing and looking for ways to sharpen your skills and acquire new tools to increase your level of success, then I encourage you to join my newsletter so that I can continue to share information with you that I find useful.

I look forward to discovering what you would like to accomplish. What interests you?  How do you see yourself using the Internet? I urge you to share your goals with me so that I can better help you set a course for success. Your answers will help me to better assist you navigate through the tidal amount of information, tools, and chatter on the Internet.

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